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Helping others and inspiring social unity...

At Blended Joe we strongly believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly, with equity, and enjoy the benefits of compassion.

Our mission is to set the example for others to follow by using our coffee to help those in need and to build a following that believes in blending together as one.

Why is that  so important?

Imagine the world as if it were made from coffee. Now, every coffee bean is different with unique flavors and properties and on their own, each one tastes just fine, but there can never be any diversity beyond what that single bean provides.
Blend different beans together however, and you get endless possibilities with exciting new flavors and aromas.
To put it simply - BLENDING IS BETTER!


As a people we're no different in that our diversity is our greatest strength and when we combine our own unique talents and cultures in harmony, we can accomplish anything.

Everyone's heard of a brand ambassador, well we have Blend Ambassadors! We're looking for people who believe in our mission and want to help us grow our brand and champion the cause of social unity.

How can you help?


Start a social discussion group or sponsor a pop up coffee event for the community. Contribute on social media or help organize a cultural demonstration, but regardless of how you choose to get involved, by simply making the effort you're demonstrating that there are people who aren't afraid to do the right thing and be a positive example for others to follow. 

Coffee can serve as the engine of change and the common ground we need to blend together.

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