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What is the Partners In Charity Initiative?

The Partners In Charity Initiative is a mission-oriented fundraising program and marketing platform, designed to help community-based charities and nonprofit organizations raise money and increase social awareness for their mission.

The goal is to offer a "Donation Alternative" for potential supporters and to utilize the platform for community outreach and engagement efforts.


Blended Joe leverages our coffee as a means to accomplish this goal by

creating dedicated versions of our coffee products for each of our partners that proudly feature their logo and mission statement. These dedicated coffee products can then be used for various fundraising efforts both in person or through our partner's own dedicated online landing page.

When a customer purchases a specially dedicated coffee product, a portion of the proceeds is set aside and donated back to that specific charity or nonprofit organization. Consumers get amazingly delicious coffee and the satisfaction of knowing that their purchase helped make a difference in someone's life.


Custom label design increases visibility for your charity or organization.


Generating Funds & awareness For Our Partners


A dedicated landing page gives your products a showcase for consumers and supporters.

How does Blended Joe support this initiative?

Blended Joe takes an active role in our partnerships and provides ongoing substantive support for each of our partners to help ensure that their efforts have the greatest opportunity for success.

We're committed to providing the best fundraising platform possible and we stand beside our partners, championing their missions as extensions of our own because together we can achieve anything.

What We Do For Our Partners:

  • Dedicated Order Fulfillment

  • Custom Branded Products

  • Branded Landing Page

  • Graphic Design Support

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Print Material Design

  • Email Campaigns

  • Live Streaming Sessions

  • Onsite Event Presence

  • Exclusive Product Lines

  • Unique Gift Concepts

  • Marketing Consultation 
    and so much more...


Working together for success!

The Partners In Charity Initiative is a great way for charities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses engage with the local community in new and exciting ways such as serving coffee at local events or pop-up locations, thank you gifts for supporters and corporate sponsors, or complementary additions to existing fundraising efforts.

Proudly supporting those who help otherS!

Become a partner in charity and let us help your mission grow and succeed!

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