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What is the Partners in Charity Initiative?

The Partners In Charity Initiative was created as a way to give back to communities and help charities and organizations raise money while also generating social awareness for their mission.


Blended Joe leverages our coffee as a means to accomplish this goal by creating dedicated versions of our coffee products for each of our partners.

Every version has custom-designed packaging that proudly features the brand and mission statement of the charity or organization and we also provide a dedicated landing page to serve as the showcase for the products to consumers and supporters.


There are no costs or fees whatsoever passed on to the charity or organization and we even support this initiative with ongoing marketing efforts through social media and direct to consumer marketing campaigns.

When customers purchase the specially dedicated coffee products from our website, we donate a portion of the proceeds back to the sponsored charity or organization. Consumers get amazingly delicious coffee and the satisfaction of helping others.


Because coffee is a universally beloved product that's enjoyed every day by millions of individuals, across almost every demographic, it creates a unique way to build lasting relationships with a wider audience of potential donors and supporters. Quite simply, coffee is a great way to generate sustained revenue for our charitable partners and to help bring a greater sense of cooperation and unity to our communities.

How can coffee help my charity or organization?

Custom label design increases awareness for your charity or organization while a dedicated landing page gives your products a showcase for consumers and supporters.

Proudly supporting those who help otherS

Become a partner in charity and let us help your mission grow and succeed!

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